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KIDNEY DONOR NEEDED – Help Save 1 Life Today!


Kidney Donor Needed for Tatyana

Kidney Donor Needed – Please help!

I need a Kidney Donor! 

Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell is full of life and love for our family. She now has reached a milestone (and not one to brag about).

Tatyana has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and is at Stage 5 of 5, which is the extreme worst. 

My wife is NOW on dialysis at home EVERY DAY to help cleanse her body of toxins and waste. AND to keep her alive. Family, friends, co-workers, and those she comes in contact with, all pray that someone will come forward soon. We’re looking for that one life-saving Angel to give her that long-lasting, healthy life to enjoy.

She was officially approved as a patient for a kidney transplant and has been listed as of October 2020 on the United Network of Organ Sharing’s website (UNOS) and has been authorized to have her kidney transplant performed at The Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, (MUSC).

If you have ANY BLOOD TYPE B or TYPE O, you are a candidate to be her kidney donor.

  1. Why is a kidney donor needed? A kidney donor is needed when a person’s kidneys are no longer able to function properly due to kidney disease or failure. In some cases, kidney failure can be caused by a variety of factors, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

  2. How can you become a kidney donor? If you are interested in becoming a kidney donor, there are several steps you can take. You can start by contacting a transplant center in your area and expressing your interest in donating a kidney. You will then need to undergo a series of tests to determine if you are a suitable candidate for donation. If you are deemed eligible, you will undergo surgery to remove one of your kidneys, which will then be transplanted into the person in need.

  3. Who is eligible to receive a kidney transplant? Patients with kidney failure or disease who are in need of a kidney transplant are eligible to receive a kidney from a living or deceased donor. However, not all patients are good candidates for a transplant, and there are several factors that must be taken into account, including the patient’s age, overall health, and medical history.

If you or know of someone who would like to be a kind-hearted, generous kidney donor for Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell, here are the steps to do it.  Just click the link below.Questions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana  


Become a Kidney Donor for Tatyana

       become a someone's life

You can truly change TATYANA YANI-TYRRELL’s life by donating a kidney. Tatyana and her family will be ever most grateful for the offering of your spare kidney.

MUSC – Medical University of  South Carolina. Charleston (SC)

(Note: due to the current Pandemic, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has policies in place that limit certain businesses to have workers work remotely. This might cause a backlog or a slower response time but you will be contacted)

To become a Kidney Donor for Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell, first, go to this link:Questions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana

Recipient Relationship

Recipient Name

Date Of Birth



 Relationship to RecipientNONE  (unless you know her)
 Donation TypeKidney
  1. For Recipient name type: Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell
  2. Date of Birth: 02/29/1964
  3. Relationship to Recipient: NONE (unless you know her)
  4. Donation Type: Please check the button Kidney
  5. When you complete this form online, at the bottom just press – SUBMIT.
  6. If you decide to download it, fill it out later then want to email it to MUSC, make sure it is sent as a PDF. The email address is:
  7. Once you fill out the information and submit it, someone from the Living Kidney Department at MUSC will call you.Questions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana

If you’re interested in learning more or beginning the process of a kidney donation for Tatyana, please call the MUSC Health’s Living Donor Program at:

  • Phone: 843-792-5097
  • Fax:      843-876-2968
  • Address: 162 Ashley Avenue MSC 586, Charleston, SC 29425

In addition, MUSC offers a wide range of support programs to help and encourage you in this journey. Read more about MUSC patient support services.for more questionsQuestions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for TatyanaQuestions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for TatyanaQuestions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for TatyanaQuestions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana

If you want to email Tatyana with any questions you may have to get answers to, email her here at Ray’s email address for now. –>  EMAIL

Thank you.


Questions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana

I know you might be scared about volunteering your kidney. Medical doctors have proven that everyone can function normally with just one.

The thought of going into surgery, and giving one of your kidneys to a stranger would feel strange, wouldn’t it?

But think of this. If YOU or a family member needed a life-saving kidney procedure, wouldn’t YOU want someone to step up and become a donor?

Here are some links for you to explore if you are considering becoming a kidney donor for Tatyana.Questions About Becoming A Kidney Donor for Tatyana


Medical University Of South Carolina (Charleston)

NKF National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Donation

The National Kidney Fund



WSAV TV 3 Savannah, GA. Here’s Tatyana’s Story

Tatyana needs a kidney and thanks to Daisy Kershaw, Digital Reporter, and Weekend Morning Anchor at WSAV TV 3, Savannah, GA, who did a story about Tatyana on March 1, 2022.



My story by WSAV TV 3


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Tatyana Needs A Kidney

Tatyana Needs A Kidney

Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell is looking for a Kidney Donor. She is almost to the point of going on dialysis.

Tatyana Needs A Kidney
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Tatyana Needs A Kidney
Q105.3 Sales Manager "Honest" Ray Williams wife, Tatyana, has been on the wait list to receive a #kidney now going on 3 years. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜You'll now notice Ray driving around town with his billboard request on the back of his van. Please be an #ngel for his wife. 😇More info:💜 Tatyana Needs A Kidney#kidney #kidneydonorneeded #pleaseshare #kidneydonor #tatyana #savannah ... See MoreSee Less
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Tatyana Needs A Kidney
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