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MUSC Charleston, SC

You can truly change TATYANA YANI-TYRRELL’s life by donating a kidney. Tatyana and her family will be ever most grateful for the offering of your spare kidney.

Become a Kidney Donor – Urgent Call for Kidney Donor

MUSC – Medical University of  South Carolina. Charleston (SC)

By donating a kidney, you have the opportunity to save someone’s life. You don’t have to be a family member or even know the recipient to become a living donor. The transplantation process is safe and relatively simple, and most donors are able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks.

Process To Become a Kidney Donor For Tatyana

If you’re interested in becoming a living donor, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll need to undergo a series of medical and psychological evaluations to ensure that you’re a good candidate for donation. You’ll also need to be in good physical health and have a compatible blood type with the recipient.

Fortunately, there are several resources available to help you through the donation process. The National Kidney Registry is a nonprofit organization that helps facilitate living kidney donations. They have a database of potential donors and recipients, and they work to match them based on factors such as blood type, tissue type, and medical history.

Another option is to reach out to a transplant center directly. Many hospitals have their own living donor programs, and they can help guide you through the evaluation process and answer any questions you may have. become a kidney donor for Tatyana

Becoming a living kidney donor is a selfless act that can have a profound impact on someone’s life. If you’re interested in learning more about the donation process, visit the National Kidney Registry website or reach out to a transplant center in your area. You could be the hero that someone has been waiting for.

Kidney disease affects millions of people around the world, and in severe cases, a kidney transplant is the only hope for survival. However, there is a shortage of kidney donors, and the waiting list for a transplant can be years long. That’s why it’s critical for more people to consider becoming living kidney donors.

Becoming a living kidney donor is a decision that can save a life. It’s a generous act that not only benefits the recipient but also their loved ones. After receiving a kidney transplant, recipients often experience a significant improvement in their quality of life, allowing them to return to work, enjoy time with family and friends, and engage in activities they may have previously been unable to do.

The process of becoming a living donor involves a series of evaluations to ensure that you’re a good match for the recipient. You’ll undergo medical and psychological tests to assess your overall health and suitability for donation. The process may seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that it’s a safe and straightforward procedure.

become a kidney donor for Tatyana

If you’re considering becoming a living donor, there are several resources available to help you through the process. The National Kidney Foundation has a wealth of information on their website, including a list of transplant centers across the country. You can also reach out to a transplant center in your area to learn more about their living donor program.

In addition to the emotional rewards of becoming a living donor, there may be financial benefits as well. Many employers offer paid time off for donation and some insurance plans cover the costs associated with the procedure.

If you’re passionate about helping others and want to make a difference in someone’s life, consider becoming a living kidney donor. Your selfless act could provide someone with the gift of life, and it’s an experience that you’ll never forget.

(Note: due to the current Pandemic, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has policies in place that limit certain businesses to have workers work remotely. This might cause a backlog or a slower response time but you will be contacted)

To become a Kidney Donor for Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell, first, go to this link:

Recipient Relationship
Recipient Name

Date Of Birth



Relationship to RecipientNONE  (unless you know her)
Donation TypeKidney
  1. For Recipient name type: Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell
  2. Date of Birth: 02/29/1964
  3. Relationship to Recipient: NONE (unless you know her)
  4. Donation Type: Please check the button Kidney
  5. When you complete this form online, at the bottom just press – SUBMIT.
  6. If you decide to download it, fill it out later then want to email it to MUSC, make sure it is sent as a PDF. The email address is:
  7. Once you fill out the information and submit it, someone from the Living Kidney Department at MUSC will call you.

If you’re interested in learning more or beginning the process of a kidney donation for Tatyana, please call the MUSC Health’s Living Donor Program at:

  • Phone: 843-792-5097
  • Fax:      843-876-2968
  • Address: 162 Ashley Avenue MSC 586, Charleston, SC 29425

In addition, MUSC offers a wide range of support programs to help and encourage you in this journey. Read more about MUSC patient support services.

If you want to email Tatyana with any questions you may have to get answers to, email her here at Ray’s email address for now. –>  EMAIL

Thank you.